"Member Spotlight" 
  • World Renew Disaster Response Services

    World-Renew-DRS.pngWorld Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) responds to disasters throughout the US and Canada. World Renew DRS focuses on the long-term recovery of survivors in additional to addressing short-term and emergency needs when catastrophic disasters occur. Services are targeted to help the most vulnerable households affected by the disasters. World Renew DRS seeks to work in partnership with long-term recovery groups (LTRG) and churches in the affected communities.

    Services that World Renew DRS provides, including rapid response (clean-up), organizational capacity building, unmet needs assessment, financial accounting, building estimating and reconstruction are intended to support the efforts of the LTRG.

    Mission Statement:

    • Show God’s love and bring hope to disaster impacted communities in North America by restoring the homes and lives of those who are most vulnerable.
    • Help communities build their capacity to prepare for and recover from disasters,
    • And provide opportunities for Christians to honor the Lord by using their time, talents and financial resources in service to others.

    To learn more please visit us at worldrenew.net/DRS